HTC made it clear that this year they wanted to make fewer but better phones. In an attempt to reach that goal they announced the One Series. It will be a series of premium phones that offer excellent user experience by concentrating on what HTC believes makes a great phone: design, camera and sound. HTC has excelled in each of those categories before so it is not a question of if HTC can but if they can do it consistently. The first three phones of the One series will be the One X, One S, and One V. All three will run ICS,  have 25GB of Dropbox storage for two years and Beats Audio.

The One X will have a polycarbonate unibody in a 4.7-inch form factor with Corning Gorilla Glass and will run on a 1.5GHz NVIDA Tegra 3. Unfortunately, the LTE version will not have the quad-core Tegra 3 but  a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon S4 instead. The One S will have the same S4 processor, a 4.3-inch Gorilla Glass screen, and will be 7.9-mm thin. Lastly, the One V will bring back the chin form factor of the HTC Legend and try to be a low-end phone with a premium experience. Availability is unknown right now but the One X will be on AT&T and the One S on T-Mobile.

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