Well this isn’t unexpected all though we have been hoping that they would drop the “Xyboard” moniker which unfortunately hasn’t happened. According to multiple outlets Verizon is gearing up to release two different 4G LTE Android tablets from Motorola. The first is an eight-inch model and the second a ten-inch model and both are expected to land before the end of the year.

The tablets are both packing dual-core 1.2GHz chips, 1GB of RAM, 5 megapixel rear cameras and 1.3 megapixel front cameras. The tablets will be sporting Corning Gorilla Glass, and they’re rumored to be “thinner than a AAA batter and lighter than a paperback book.” Apparently the 10″ version also comes with a stylus, and is more targeted to enterprise users.

There is no mention of the OS running on these tablets just yet, we imagine that they’ll ship with Honeycomb and then be updated to ICS, but we could be surprised and they may have ICS at launch.

Spec wise these tablets are already coming into the game slightly outdated with the Asus Transformer Prime slated to launch this month with the Tegra3 Quad-core processor, we can’t help but wonder why Motorola didn’t opt to go with a Quad-core option for their second round of tablets. It appears as though Motorola has been having a hard time keeping up with the advancements in technology, considering that most of their phones (outside of the Droid RAZR) have come out with specs that were top of the line 6 months before they launched, and are second tier by the time they launch. Either Motorola needs to speed up their launch process or  they have to design and build they’re devices to be more flexible when it comes to hardware. They could always make they’re products less expensive and then customers wouldn’t mind that their specs are a bit behind the industry leaders but you can’t charge high-end prices and deliver less than high-end specs.