I hadn’t heard of Dimension Drive at all until this morning when I saw this Polygon article, but I’m glad I got a second chance – just like the game did! Dimension Drive is an indie shooter game (a scrolling shooter with a twist – this is not your average galaxian) with a beautiful art style that got screwed on kickstarter in the final hour. This is the game that’s gotten a second chance, and that first troll is getting shown up by the success of it.

In recent all media, trolls are the worst. Recently however, trolls have been getting called out and the opposite is happening. All the people getting trolled are then rushed to in support, and a good-guy forcefield is put up to support the one who was trolled and protect against further trolling.

For Dimension Drive, one of the kickstarter backers who pledged $7,000 pulled out at the last minute, thus making it so the team didn’t make their goal and the project was not funded. Who does that? Trolls.

According to that Polygon article, the creators were against restarting the kickstarter campaign at first because it’s a grueling process to watch an indie project get funded (for almost 35k) for a month and then get shot down in the final hours. Thankfully, the faithful gaming community who wanted to see this very intriguing game get funded, convinced them that they should give it a second shot. Much to the dismay of the 7k troll, the kickstarter is doing just fine without him.


So what is Dimension Drive?

Why I’m glad you asked! It’s described on the kickstarter page as a comic book style sci-fi/space shooter game. You play as Jack, the female main character heroine who is the last of her kind, and her faithful A.I. Sidekick V.E.R.A. to fight against the Ashajules, a race that is basically as heartless as the Daleks from Doctor Who, who want pure destruction of every race ever. More like Ashajerks. (Sorry… moving on)

dimension_drive.0The gameplay itself is what really intrigues me about the project. You fly in a ship called “The Manticore” that can teleport/travel between battlefields. So as you can see in the image here, you have a split screen battle raging at all times. That’s crazy! You not only have to not get hit in one screen, but you have a sworn duty to wipe out the Ashajules, so whatever you’re not doing in the other screen is kind of important. There are also obstacles that will get in your way as you’re flying – so it’s important to teleport to the other screen every now and again to avoid those obstacles.

The art style of the game is spot on – comic books mixed with a space and sci-fi theme. In the current indie space, heavy on the modern and clean cut gaming style OR the throw back 8-bit style, this is a nice and very welcomed change of pace.

I would hang up posters of Jack in my basement, she looks like she is a strong and powerful character who means business. Oh did I mention she’s 14 and an orphan? Motive and badassery abound.

Check out the kickstarter for this game – if you missed it the first time around, there’s certainly no reason to miss it again!

All photos and promo materials were snagged from the kickstarter or Polygon. We don’t own them.