I was lucky enough to sit down with Mike from Golden Ruby Games to talk about the new(ish) game Extreme Exorcism that’s coming out soon on PS4, Xbox Live & Steam! With all the buzz around the two new ghostbusters movies, why not train yourself and your friends to be the best ghost hunters and weapons experts you can be in this hi-scoring pixel driven haunted game.

118Mae Barrons (her name originating from characters in the movie Ghost and Poltergeist) is your badass main character and female lead; she’s a ghost hunter/exorcist by trade. Mae, fighting with a few of her friends, is trying to rid this haunted house of as many ghosts as she can before she kicks the bucket. There’s a few different game modes you can play with, whether you’re playing with your friends to get rid of ghosts, or against your friends to kick their butts as many times as you can, while avoiding the ghosts they create (I’ll get to that in a second…). Or you can play solo. The goal of the game is to rack up as many points as possible and whoop as many ghosts into the netherworld as you can – the higher the score, the better!

117Game play starts off great with your first enemy, a zombie chair creature who is adorable and scary at the same time, trying to chow down on you! Once Mae kills that with one of the few weapons you start off with, the ghosts start coming. But there’s something a little different about these ghosts – they’re smart. The first ghost copies every movement Mae (you) made to kill the chair, so this means you can’t use the same tactic to kill your enemies every time you play. The more ghosts you kill, the more appear – you will repeatedly be killing ghosts that can repeat your movements, until you just can’t anymore. The newest ghost that appears in game is the one that will start the level again, so the faster you can kill that one the better. You can tell them apart from the previous ghosts you’ve created by the little crown it wears (oh aren’t you special).

The weapons in the game are a huge help to you however, and as the game goes on you will not only unlock more weapons, but more rooms in the house that Mae is trying to help exorcise. Since the game is multiplayer with a co-op mode, you can jump in to the game between levels and help Mae out, without needing to switch modes. Weapons include baseball bats, machine guns, chainsaws and throws could even come to fisticuffs! Just make sure you’ve picked up something to protect yourself with. Plus, all of the rooms have different layouts, which means you’ll need to be on your A game to make sure you’re moving and killing in different ways every time.

While playing through the game you might notice things getting a bit chaotic – you’ve managed to kill 10 ghosts and now you have 11 on your screen, going every which way with a ridiculous amount of weaponry, trying to kill you. That’s when the special weapon comes in handy. You pick up a pair of wings and start to fly, creating a void around you that ghosts will get sucked into and disappear forever. So long as you can pick a good spot to release your super move, you could snag a decent amount of ghosts into the void and help clear your screen.

120I got to ask Mike how and why he and his team developed a game like this, and he replied with the thrill of the challenge. They wanted to develop a game within a short time constraint that made you want to play with your friends and completely hate them by the end of it. Really though, isn’t that what we all want out of a game? A reason to yell at our friends? They had put the game up online right after they finished their first round of development, and once they got picked up by Ripstone, they were able to revamp a lot of the art and features the gameplay has. This was a great way to evolve the quickfire game he and his team had developed. So the game will be re-released on consoles/steam once all of their debugging and finessing is done. Can’t wait!

While we were at PAX, this booth had tons of people around it all weekend long, which was well warranted after getting to play the game. The controls are smooth and quick (which is important if you’re running from ghosts) and the gameplay is fast if you’re one of those quick to die types, like me, and challenging if you’re actually good at killing ghosts. Party games are on the rise again, which is great because it’s an excuse to have your friends over and interact with them in person instead of just social media. With the amount of games coming onto the market with multi-player options, this one stands apart because of it’s smart integration of pitting yourself against yourself, as well as your friends. The art style is 8-bit, which is very trendy right now, but also very desirable. If your game is good, the art will only add to it, and I think that if I were to pick an art style for this type of game, 8-bit is certainly the right choice.

077Make sure to check out the blog for Extreme Exorcism so you can follow along and get psyched for release!

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