So when I watched King of the Nerds for the first time at the beginning of this season, I was seriously skeptical – as seen in this post. With any good reality TV show, it manages to keep you coming back for more week after week, and I grew to insanely love my Friday nights, since I’m not popular enough to be doing much else anyway ;).  Last Friday the finale aired, and I decided that not only was I really happy with the outcome, I was already wishing the second season was on it’s way (and that Robert Carradine is on his way to a speedy recovery).

After the first episode, the cringe worthy moments lessened drastically (maybe except for the Moby incident) and the personalities really started to show. In the last episode, all of the nerds from the beginning of the show were brought back to ally themselves with the final four contestants, which allowed them to all contribute to the commentary during the show. I missed all of them so much, and it was so great to see a full Nerdvana again.

Seeing some of the people who had been voted off early on, I thought that Jacob went home much too early and Todd is a good show, so I wished I could’ve seen more of both of them.  I also surprisingly missed that Gollum voice that Thomas is so good at.

The whole season was strewn with great references to all facets of nerd culture. My favorites were when everyone had to dress up as the Monty Python Holy Grail cast, the alien trivia challenge for the final 6, and the gods challenge (even though I failed miserably at placing those relics with the correct god, I would’ve gone out on that one). I also loved the whodunnit challenge, that was interesting and a great way to get a team to work together (or not).

While I was at PAX East, my husband and his keen eye spotted Johnathan at a table with a few of his friends, playing a game that one of my friends helped develop! How lucky was that!! I was more than excited to meet him in person, because who doesn’t love to talk to a celebrity in person, but it was so casual AND we had so much in common (being nerds and all…) that it was a really friendly and enjoyable conversation. We asked him a few questions about the show in general, and it was nice to know that while alliances were made, friendships were also made and it made it that much more difficult to vote people off. A majority of the cast is friendly with each other, which as a viewer that makes it so much more fun to watch. I would basically love to be Johnathan’s best friend. Or anyone on that cast’s best friend.

Now that we know he won the show, HOLY CRAP was his poker face good!! My husband and I walked away feeling terrible we hadn’t wished him luck! Good news is that he didn’t need our luck. While we were both also rooting for Ben to win, we were really upset with the fact that no one allied themselves with him. It was unfortunate to see, and I’m sure now that the nerds have taken to twitter, they all have their supporters, and it was nothing personal – Ben was just insanely smart and they didn’t think he was going to need the extra help 😉 Which was true!! More power to Ben for proving his worth time and time again.

The final nerdoff I thought was really well done. Pitting two gentleman against each other for one single game would’ve been unfair and could’ve been unfair if there was a specific theme and one had an advantage. Very anti-climatic. So the fact that there was a best of seven approach was really smart. And the games were all radically different! Chess, connect four, an arcade style fighting game? A crossword? All of these things were just really great to test the nerd knowledge of these guys, and it kept you on the edge of your seat because they did end up going to the final game, which was a picture-esque sudoku-type challenge.

Overall, the show was perfectly nerdy with the appropriate amount of cringe-moments, and made me want to live in Nerdvana for a week – maybe there’s a destination vacation spot idea there, who knows.

Looking forward to season 4, and (not so secretly) hoping to be on it! 😉 #nerdsrule

How did you feel about the end of the show? Of the 12 nerds on the show, who would you have wanted to win? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.