Instagram on steroids? Twitter with pictures? SUPER is twitter co-creator Biz Stone’s new app that lets your speak your mind with a super graphic prompt, a picture and a sign off. Simple, light hearted and fun for someone who wants something a little more substantial than just a filter on a picture, or words without visuals.

SUPER is Biz’s new app after Jelly, which was a not so successful way to find word of mouth answers to life’s many questions. The SUPER app allows you to put your stamp on an image really quickly and easily, and let the love and comments pour in. It’s a really nice way to speak visually.

I see this being a great meme generator when it picks up steam – which I imagine should be soon, since we’re in the throws of SXSW as we speak!

image1How does it work? When you start making your first SUPER post, you’re given a series of phrases or prompts to get you started. The graphics are straight forward and vibrant against whatever you decide to put in as a background. I actually like that you can’t change the colors or fonts, because giving a user too many options in this case is going to make the app a little more difficult to use. Once you’ve picked your phrase, you can fill in the rest of the sentence and then either sign it or hashtag it with whatever you please. The next screen shows you a series of photos based on what you’ve written in for your post, or gives you the option of posting your own photos (which I like better, because sourcing images from I don’t know where is a PR nightmare when you’re a blogger).

image2You can pick out how your want your text to be seen – and don’t worry if it’s covering the whole photo, because you can just hold the picture to see how it looks without the text on it. The Marilyn Monroe pop art button randomizes the way your whole post looks – if you really aren’t picky. The magic wand gives you a few filter choices, the txt gives you a few ways to block your type out – black, white, knockout white on black bars or vice versa. And then the link lets you link out to another website. Really simple to use.

The next button allows you to share it with twitter, instagram and tumblr, which I feel like are the only places I would want to share something like this. The feel that I’m getting from the app overall is very casual chatter, that’s entertaining and well designed.


image3The feed shows up as a continuous scroll, which is only separated by the next image – no white bars, no comments seen. This also shows with no usernames, which is really interesting. You aren’t always tied to the content you post, which makes it a little secretive, but also kind of fun.  Unless of course you sign it with your name, like Biz did on the post I screenshotted.

What I do like is how they have the comments and “likes,” or in this case “loves” shown at the bottom of the post, pretty unobtrusively. The notifications are fun, because you get “one love” on your post, instead of someone liking it. Loving on a picture is great too, because you get an outburst of little hearts when you double tap for the love. Double tap for love!

Seeing that the app is new, a lot of people are still exploring it – which is something I have to do since none of my friends are on it (yet). I’ve got a few people followed and I’m still experimenting with how I want to use the app, though I know with all the different prompts that the app gives you, I’ll be at it for days posting silly pictures and creating new sign-offs for myself like I’m an important newscaster or something.

image1 (1)The app also takes an interesting approach to your profile page. You can continue to add tabs/posts about yourself so people can swipe to the right to see the rest of your story. The dots indicate how many pages you have on your about me, and as of right now I don’t know if there’s a limit. I’d assume that you wouldn’t want too many dots šŸ˜› When you scroll down you can see the other posts that I’ve created, and unless I’ve signed off on it with my “signature” signature, if it pops up in your feed you may not know it’s mine.

So far I really enjoy playing with this app, the interface is super easy to use, the playfulness is there in the way you post, and I still don’t have a good sign off. I’ll work on that.

The app is currently available for free on the Apple app store and Google Play.