In the midst of entering the umpteenth contest to get sent to SXSW this year, I signed up for an email service that I had never heard of, and turns out I really love! Enter Poncho, the daily email you get about the weather in your area, personalized for you!

I am the Queen of not dressing for the weather. If we’re in a season, I give it a shot depending on what the weather has been like and what I think I can manage in an office or home environment – layers are always good. Converse sneakers are not ideal for monsoon-like rains or snow, and I’ve pulled that card way too many times. Soggy socks are pretty awful.

ponchoOnce I signed up for Poncho, my email checks in the morning got a little more productive, and my shoe choices less regretful. Not only does Poncho give you the forecast for the whole day in your area (morning, afternoon and evening), but they do it in a way that is playful and adorable. The emails I’ve been getting saying more snow on the way have been about on par with what I’m thinking – a quick quip about how over the snow this little cat mascot is, followed by an appropriate .gif to make you laugh. This morning’s email didn’t have a .gif, but there’s usually one right at the top!

Along with the weather, the web app/email blast/daily notifications can also tell you about how your allergies might be, what the wind speed is and if you’re prone to a good or bad hair day – the frizz factor, if you will. These are again illustrated with little cats! How cute and effective.

You can subscribe for a morning and nightly forecast, but I think the morning is enough for me. It gives me a good feel for how my day is going to roll out, so I can prepare early.

According to some facebook snooping, an app is in the works, but since a cat is coding it, there’s no telling how long it will take.

Interested in this adorable cat telling you about the weather? Sign up here!

Have your own go-to weather related app? Do you use Poncho already? Let us know in the comments.