When I was a kid, we had this thing called “Computer time” in our elementary school classrooms. Games like Putt Putt, Pajama Sam and Carmen Sandiego were on our computer for us to play with, but only for about a half hour during the day. The best game to play on the computer however, was always Zoombinis. The educational value was there without the overly in-your-face education tactics like games such as Math Blaster had. So when I heard it was coming back, I was an embarrassingly amount of excited.

Zoombinis has launched it’s kickstarter to add more funding to the whole team effort of revitalizing the game for the newest generation of gamers – I.E. the gamers that grew up playing this are having kids, and would love to be able to share in those memories. I’ve been following along on their facebook page since they crowdsourced whether the game would be worth recreating or not. Of course I said yes, and have been following their journey up to this point.

The TERC team (Technical Education Research Centers) has partnered up with Fablevision (who boasts an impressive portfolio of games) and Learning Games Network to redevelop the game for today’s gamers, which includes tablets and touch screens instead of just desktop computers. They’ve also taken the time to redraw all of the levels and zoombinis themselves – to save us from the pixelation that as already occurring in the original game. Hopefully if the game is fully backed, they will also expand to have the games available on desktop computers as well, but for now their efforts are focused on tablets alone.

So maybe I’m just a sucker for nostalgia, but the game’s updated graphics thus far as absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t hesitate to pick this up and play it while I was sitting in front of the TV, regardless of it being directed at young children or not. As they say in their kickstarter video, it’s educational value is very well hidden in the gameplay.

I had a handful of favorite levels, mudball wall, or the lilypads where you had to figure out the right pattern in order to get your zoombinis across the river. But one of my favorites, as is basically anyone else who ever played this game was pizza pass. The kickstarter preview video started off with our beloved tree stumps, which I’m sure will excite a handful of other gamers who played this game as well.

So whether you have kids or you’re just a supporter of solid games in general, head over to the kickstarter and drop a couple bucks on the children of the future and probably me on my couch reminiscing about how I didn’t have to pay bills the first time I played this.

Whoever you are… make me a pizza.

(images sourced from kickstarter page & facebook)

Leave us a comment with your favorite levels, and if you ever beat the game we’ll give you some street cred.