• 5/5 Would See Again

While everyone may be buzzing about 50 Shades of whatever, the commercials for Kingsman were super intriguing and should not be flying so under the radar. If James Bond movies taught us anything, a British super spy is going to whoop everyone’s ass into shape, most likely without a whip or fuzzy handcuffs. Here’s what I thought of the movie!

(Some spoilers ahead)

No celebrities for celebrities sake

So the obvious trend of comic book/movie adaptations remains true in this case. Kingsman is an adaptation of “The Secret Service” comic book series, which I have not read, but certainly intend to after seeing this. The movie was strewn with celebrities, Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Hamill, Michael Caine… the list goes on. Taron Egerton, who has been in other films, but isn’t exactly a household name, is really who the movie is about. The major celeb names, except for Colin Firth and maybe Samuel L. Jackson, play supporting roles at best. The casting overall I thought was great, just due to the fact that you’re not looking at these people and thinking “oh he’s doing a role like he did in this movie…” or “Man this is just like Snakes on a Plane!” The people you’re spending the most time with really make sense to be there, and you’re not distracted by who they were in previous movies, or what their purpose of being there is. They are there to make the story.


People well represented

The expectations for typical roles are squashed here, and I love it. Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Valentine, is a super smart and well respected millionaire. His assistant Gazelle is a crazy ninja fighter chick with deadly sharp foot appendages, don’t you dare call her handicapped. There are two ladies who are vying for the next “Lancelot” position in the Kingsman spy group. While the movie may not pass “the Bechdel test”, the women in this movie were certainly well represented. Even the pseudo “Damsel in Distress” if you will, at the end of the movie, was a strong individual who got stuck in a bad situation. She didn’t give up in her beliefs, even if it was going to cost her life. Though let’s not talk about the whole church murder scene… that was rough from beginning to end.



Between the car chase in the beginning of the movie, an intense bar fight, and introducing the abusive step-dad to setup why Eggsy (the main character) is not leading the most righteous path in life, you have every reason to want to see this movie through. There is just enough mystery left behind the initial intro to the movie and the leadup that you don’t quite understand all of what’s happening, but you can piece it together enough to want to see more. The cinematography around the fight scenes is beautiful. Almost reminiscent of the Matrix, with slow motion peppered in so you can wrap your head around what Galahad (Colin Firth) is about to nail next.

The movie has everything, really. Car chase, fight scenes, skydiving, parkour. I sound like Stefon trying to find a night club, but I certainly felt like the action was very packed.

Once Eggsy begins training, there’s a slew of comic relief, rooting for him to be the best spy he can be, and serious story development around Valentine’s grand plan that Galahad is trying to figure out and shut down. There are a few training scenes that you’ll certainly fall in love with, one being Eggsy running with his little pug companion JB, and another skydiving scene which ends in a smirk.

There are some interesting twists towards the end, which I won’t go into, but just when you think everything is about to wind down, you get thrown right back into an emergency situation, and your heartbeat turns back up to 11.


Why should you see this movie?

I went into this with little expectation. I knew it was a comic book adaptation, so I thought it would be more superhero related than spy, but I was so pleasantly surprised it was a spy movie. There is never a dull moment, between character development, plot lines revealed, action scenes that will make you jump up in your seat, and overall excitement for the main character, the 2 hours will fly by and you’ll be left with wanting more. The comic relief through the end had me laughing pretty hard, and the action scenes got so intense I felt like I was a part of the surveillance team.

While I have no comic to compare to, and according to wikipedia the story is slightly different than what the movie is (relationships and whatnot), I enjoyed the movie for the movie’s sake thoroughly, and I’m sure you will too.

Leave us a comment with your favorite quote or scene, and I’ll reply saying how I super agree and everything is awesome.

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