The debut game from UK based Dreadbit Games, Ironcast, was officially funded by Kickstarter on October 3rd. Now it’s coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam at the end of this month. That’s an incredible turn around and a testament to Dreadbit Games’ ability to set an accurate goal and deliver to their fans.

In Ironcast, you take control of a 7 meter tall Mech, battling foes in turn-based strategic combat. Set in a war-torn alternative history Britain, you can immerse yourself in steampunk glory as you defend Victorian England, using era-styled weapons and shields.


Combat consists of generating resource nodes, which in turn power the Ironcast’s weapons and abilities. The strategic element comes in with how you spend these resources, as they are in limited quantity. Do you try to electrocute your enemy, or brace yourself against an incoming barrage?

Check out the trailer below and get in on the hype! Ironcast will be available for $14.99, with discounts at launch.