There’s nothing like a subscription box to make your mail-day happier. In the midst of bills and cable-providers soliciting your mailbox, getting a geeky surprise once a month is just ever-so satisfying.

Let’s see what we have.


First thing you see when you open the box? DK T-shirt. Oh how I wish I had known it would be this, then I would have gotten it in a different size for my husband to wear instead of me. Love that vidja game-pop culture cross over. Okay, so what else is in the box?


So, here we have a Plants Vs. Zombies comic book. I have not played the games, but the book looks promising. The illustration style matches the game impeccably. Here’s hoping the book is entertaining!
Playful Gorilla video game head stickers. So lets see.. there is Big Brother from bioshock, Sackboy from LBP, Link from LoZ, the guy from Fallout (sorry – I have yet to play that series. I feel gamer shame), Starfox, or Fox McCloud I think his real name is, Solid Snake(?) and the guy you can see featured in the corner of this picture with the yellow mask I don’t know. He has a matching guy with a slightly different blue mask. I wish they had a Super Meat Boy sticker, though I think I’ve seen him done in this style already so I’m sure one exists.
Genesis Pin Pack – Sonic, Earthworm Jim, A toad guy and a ninja guy. More gamer shame.
Halo Mega Bloks – Okay.
Tetris Notebook – What was cool about this little pint-sized notebook was that there were different colors corresponding to the tetraminos (the blocks have names! who knew?), but what disappointed me was that the diecuts on the tetraminos were already dogeared, and the quality of the paper is not bueno. This was kind of a miss, I was really excited about this piece.

Overall: I’d say that the box delivered on a bunch of different genres really well, unfortunately I’m just not super into any of them. The stickers are mean looking, so I don’t know if I will use them on anything, unless I’m closing up a love letter to put in the mail to a friend who might appreciate it. The pins are neat, A+ on those (except I don’t know two of the characters), the mega-bloks are a mega-pass on my end, and the shirt was a nice get too. I’d give it a 6/10.

How did you fare with your sub-boxes this month? Let us know in the comments.