Equivalent to the standard button mashing, speed running action/adventure games of our time (I’m currently replaying Kingdom Hearts, my thumb is a little sore) are addicting, for seemingly no apparent reason. Tap Titans has almost nothing to it, literally just tap on your screen and level up your characters. Like a boss.

I keep coming back though. Tap tap tapping away.

The Gameplay

You tap. No, seriously. You tap, you kill monsters, you get money. It’s like the South Park garden gnomes finally figured it out.
Can you win? I don’t know. I think it just keeps going on forever. The highest level I’ve gotten to so far is somewhere in the 260’s, but you can “Prestige” which I will get into in a minute.
What do you do with the money?
Well, you can level up your main character (see that little dude in the center? That’s you. I named mine Cloud Strife because you basically have to. Little blonde spikey haired dude with a sword?)
You can buy heroes, who help you fight the monsters. There are so many of them, I must have like 20 and they still keep coming.
You can buy power-ups for yourself and your heroes. The ones for your character are all the little circles below, and they have specific cool downs so you can only use them every so often. The cool downs change as you upgrade them (with money). The power-ups for your team, as well as your team, are NPCs. So they’re controlling all of their own power-ups and helping you kill all the monsters.



In every “world” there are 5 levels and somewhere around ~10 monsters per level. Meaning you start off with 10 per level, but every time you “Prestige” (still getting to that), your monster count lowers one monster. One world will have levels say 100-105, all the monsters will be themed to that world, and every level there is a boss monster to fight at the end. The monster at the end of the fifth level is the hardest.


Do the monsters hurt you? Mostly no. Any of the monsters before the “boss” for that level should not hurt you, meaning you could stop tapping and focus your efforts on leveling up, and your team would take care of the rest. The monster on level 5 however, will sometimes kill your heroes. You’ll notice in my screenshots there is a little gravestone to the left of Cloud Strife. That is one of my heroes that died in a boss fight. You can revive them with your hard earned diamonds, or you can wait for them to cool down and revive themselves, though that can be anywhere from 3 hours to a full day.

If you can’t beat a monster… You can leave the battle and level grind until you can, or wait for your power-ups to cool down.


So what the heck is Prestige?

Okay, so Prestige is one of the “power-ups” you can buy. but it’s not like the other ones. You first need to get your main character up to Lv 500. So obviously it’s not just something you can spam or need a cool down for. Prestige resets your game, so you lose all your heroes and your level progress and your money. In exchange, cause that sounds bad at face value, depending on how much progress you made into the game, you’ll get what are called “Relics.” The Relics will help you buy extra special power-ups (under the yellow menu seen in those screens) that will lower boss life overall, speed-up cool down times, and increase how much damage you and your heroes do. Also it’s kind of a cool feature to have a fresh slate and see how fast you can get back up to the same point you were at before. No matter how many times you “Prestige,” you keep all your Relics. You can also get Relics by getting crazy high up in level, and fighting some bosses.


While you were away…

One of the features about this game that I love is while you were gone, your heroes fight monsters for you. That means not only do you gain a ton of money, but you can spend it on your heroes making them super OP for a short amount of time and boost your level count a lot. It’s really encouraging! They won’t move up levels without you though. And as you can see, your heroes will also revive while you’re gone as well.

So what is that demon head button?

So that’s a relatively new feature in the game. It’s a daily dungeon. So yes, it’s encouraging you to come back for dailys, but it’s also a huge challenge. I think the monsters in here are around level 260, because when I was that high I still had to use power-ups to do any damage. The benefits of the dungeon from what I’ve seen are diamonds (which you can use in the green menu to buy excessive money or reset all your power-ups, among other things) and money. Still a good way to get you to come back though.

Alright, so aside from some other features like fairies and chest-monsters, that basically covers the game. I like it because it’s simple, but has added value in your team and the things you can do with your character. For a casual RPG game, this one nails it. The app is free on both iOS and Android.

What are your thoughts on the game? If you give it a play, let us know in the comments.
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