Have you ever been chatting with your friends and gotten onto your favorite topic of all time? Do you know everything there is to know about the Miami Heat? Or maybe your knowledge of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is unparalleled.
But sometimes, maybe you just like to test your knowledge on naming famous brand logos and candy bars.

QuizUp is not your typical “Can you name…” buzzfeed quiz. It is an all-encompassing trivia app that will test your knowledge against your friends and competitors across the globe.

QuizUp is an app by developer “Plain Vanilla Games,” based in Reykjavik, that has created a hub of all things trivial in one app. There are over 400 categories to challenge people in, whether you connect with your friends on the app, or you decide to take your chances against someone at random. Take a look here at two screens from the “games” section.

image4 image3


And they’re adding new categories all the time. Sports, history, celebrity, TV & Movies – if you can think it, it’s either already there or on its way. There’s even a “math” category for people such as my husband, who apparently didn’t get enough homework in high school. I believe you can even submit your own trivia and categories!

The setup of the game, once you’ve picked a category and if you’re playing against a friend or at random, is that you are given seven questions and 10 seconds to answer each. Depending on the category you’ve picked, you’ll either get a text based question or a photo hint.

image1 (2)

Your points are calculated on how fast you answer the question. The highest you can get is 20 points, and the lowest (assuming you still answer it right) is 10. If you get it wrong you get no points. The person you’re playing against is on the right, and points are tallied by the bars on the sides of the questions, as well as the score next to your avatars. The last question is worth double points. And FYI, I lost this game. Badly. I think this one was one of two questions I got right. The questions can get really obscure, so it is really challenging!



There are also achievements to be won, as there are in any good game nowadays. These are neat because they encourage you to not only play against friends, but there are achievements for playing with people on different continents and in different countries. There are also achievements for different categories, and pairs of categories together. And an achievement for losing. Even when you lose, you win!

One of my favorite aspects of the game is what you get when you play a category over and over. For example, I decided to play the chocolate category until I got to level 31, which put me in the lead for that category in Connecticut, gave me a cool title –  “Lady Godiva,” and a flashy ribbon for when I’m being paired up with other players in that category. These make for a great intimidation tactic before you play the next game.

Different categories give you different titles. My husband has “Cutie Pi” with the Pi symbol from owning the math category, I also have the “Hunter” title from Supernatural. I imagine if I ever got better at the Buffy category, there would be a “vampire slayer” title as well.

QuizUp is available for free on Google Play as well as the Apple App Store.
Feel like challenging me? Look up user “Bakerhi” and do your worst.

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