On tumblr, I happen to follow a slew of fitness blogs in hopes of making myself a better person. Except I’m still surfing tumblr and not doing enough squats. Luckily enough, I came across someone talking about an app called Plant Nanny. It helps you monitor how much water you should be drinking in a day by encouraging you to take care of a plant with all the water you should be drinking.

Any inanimate object with a face has my vote. Watering a plant while you water yourself? The plant makes happy little noises when you water it and grows up! It’s like an adult tamagotchi – how could I say no?

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 10.34.30 PM

Since I’m a slightly larger human, I have to drink a boatload of water to keep my plant happy and healthy, and unfortunately I’ve already seen the ill-effects of not watering your little buddy well enough. It makes me so sad, and then out of guilt I drink the right amount of water. I guess that still works? I just don’t want my plant to die!!!

Fourdesire also has another app called Walkr, which helps you explore the universe with walking points – treating your phone as a pedometer to help you play the game. Unfortunately, I fail to see how my walking points are helping me discover new planets as of yet, because you can just buy the planet discoveries with the money you manufacture with the discovered planets; but the app is fun nonetheless, and will get you extra space-y plants for your plant nanny app. Aaaaadorable.

Gamifying your health is no new feat, but the approaches are still just as exciting. I’m already excited to water another plant after I finish growing my first one – seeing that I don’t let it die, of course. I had no idea how much water I was missing out on on a day to day basis.

Both apps are available for free on Android and iPhone :) Stay watered, readers!

(images sourced from the fourdesire plant nanny website)