Incase you’ve been living in a bubble, one of the freshest approaches to Zombie games, Dying Light is set to launch tomorrow January 27th. The launch will initially be digital only, with physical availability limited to North & South America. In Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia, the digital release is scheduled for January 28th, with physical availability on February 27th.

Ok now that the boring stuff is out-of-the-way, lets talk about how awesome this game looks. I’m a huge fan of Zombie survival games, but the monotony has gotten to most of the franchises out there. Finally Dying Light takes a very different approach to surviving the oncoming Zombie apocalypse, with its, “Go Anywhere, Climb Anything” parkour style gameplay that adds a whole new dynamic to survival. The day / night dynamic is also a new spin, forcing players to make decisions based on time of day, because at night the zombies become much more lethal and turn the tables on survival.

We’ll be doing a full review on Dying Light but for now, enjoy the release trailer!