As a very proud, resident nerd in a field of my nerd-friends, I was surprised to hear about a show run by Metatron (Curtis Armstrong’s character in Supernatural) and Robert Carradine (of Revenge of the Nerds fame, but I have not seen that movie). I’ve never actively watched a lot of TV or movies (my haven’t-seen list is rather embarrassing) so I found this intriguing. Moreso in the fact that a friend of mine from work said that I could potentially be on the show and win it. Turns out the first 2 seasons had chick winners (suck it #gamergate), so I figured I’d check it out.

I have a lot of asides in my writing. Anyway.

So about this show, King of the Nerds. My husband and I, who are both nerds, decided to sit down and watch together. Both of us immediately started cringing at the “time-travel” corniness that was the opening, where we met the nerds in front of Nerdvana. Having seen the inside of it, alright, I buy that being Nirvana for nerds. I want to go to there.

The descriptions of the players? Eegh. I don’t know. Some people used their professions to describe their nerddom, but others used just general categories. Going from Marine Biologist to Brony seems severe, but to each their own.

The show itself was entertaining once we got past the intros. Building the Rube Goldberg machines was pretty neat to watch, and the choice of judges was respectable as well. I’m not familiar with the format of the show, but I found that the first episode felt like there was a lot missing. I feel like I only met half the nerds in the house, and missed out on the entire “storytelling” aspect of their machine. Also, would’ve loved to see the brainstorming of the team names. I could easily see this being a 2-hour special for the season opener.

The godzilla-inspired nerd off at the end was entertaining too, because it kind of gets you as a viewer involved. Who doesn’t love nerd trivia? I even got two/four of the answers right!

Overall? I’m not sure how I feel. I like to think of myself as the type of nerd who can hide the nerd when necessary, and let my freak flag fly as well. I’m the personable nerd. Basically I think I could win. But I’d really just like to win that sweet thinkgeek prize they gave away for the first nerd war. And hope that one day, the basement that my husband and I are slowly-but-surely decking out will look like Nerdvana in the end.

I also don’t know who I’m rooting for, I changed my mind about 10 times during the hour long episode. If I had to choose my alliances now, I’d pick Raychell. Because I relate to her the most I think. When I was watching her freak about the True Blood guy, I could totally see myself doing that with anyone from the Supernatural cast (minus Metatron, who is clearly already established)

I might apply to be on the show. I applied to be on the show.

Tell us (but mostly Rhi) who you are rooting for in the comments and why!!