I am not an avid TV watcher, but I happen to be an avid facebooker. This also means that I saw every social media in the nerd-galaxy that I’ve hit ‘like’ on talk about the Ant Man preview that airs after the premier of Agent Carter.

But what about Agent Carter?

This buttoned up spy chick who has the 1940’s sexism against her, but the brains, connections and motive to take her to new heights? I don’t know if I could swoon any harder. At 8:00 I made the split second decision to watch the 2-hour premier, and I was not disappointed.
Was there a comic about this fine lady? Upon quick wikipedia research, apparently she only appeared in supporting roles, but man oh man would I read that if it existed.
In the first hour of the 2-hour premier, she goes undercover, in disguise with spy lipstick and a badass watch that opens a safe. She puts on an American accent and slinks her way into where she needs to be faster than her slightly slower coworkers, and conveniently leaves the scene of the crime, unnoticed. The show cuts right to the chase, I like it.

She’s working at the “telephone company,” but really with a bunch of other FBI gents who are on a mission to hunt down and arrest Howard Stark (ooh, more swooning) for selling his dangerous inventions on the black market. Howard however, enlists Peggy Carter’s help in clearing his name – and lends her his trusty butler Jarvis (who may also have ulterior motives) who comes off as a very preppy, calm-but-excitable man with standards. Bed by 9pm!


Our darling Jarvis. Splendid!

The benefit of being an undercover lady spy for Howard? Is that no one suspects a thing. What kind of woman would even be capable of such sabotage?? I mean, she asked to go home for the day for having “lady problems.” Who would even think that she’s actually gathering intel, sneaking off to catch the bad guys and can still look that good in the morning?

The time frame is fabulous for any TV watcher. The typewriters, the fashion, the blatant sexism to be angry over or thankful about being gone, but historically accurate nonetheless. How about the cars? Or her sorority apartment situation at the end?? Or the radio show? I’m on the edge of my seat just on the details.

As far as the Marvel references go, I’m pleasantly surprised that while this is taking place shortly after she “loses” Steve Rogers, it’s not overly dependent on him creating her character – which if anyone saw Captain America, this shouldn’t be a surprise. She’s upset she’s lost him, and she wants to live up to the greatness that he’s inspired, but she’s not hung up on him – I think one of the other agents in her office might even be a future love interest!

I’m excited to see how the show works some of the other Marvel aspects into it. I’m not as much as a comic book buff as my co-writers here at Techstify are, but I’m certainly excited to see more references to Howard’s back story and possible other tie ins. And more Jarvis!

Also for any Venture Bros fans, play spot the James Urbaniak – you’ll be pleasantly surprised! And subsequently, bummed out that he got decked so hard in the face. Poor Rusty, another failed scientist job.

I’ll be watching next week’s episode, waiting for more girl power to come through as she plays double agent for the first time. Watch out for those footprints, girl!

Tell us what you thought of the first episode in the comments.