Sony a leader in the digital imaging has announced the commercialization of its new Exmor RS™, Stacked CMOS Image Sensor for mobile devices. This new technology will allow for DSLR like image capture for mobile phones.

Considering the fact that most people carry around their mobile phone all the time and never have a DSLR even when they really would like to have it, having DSLR level photography on a mobile phone is a great promise for everyone. Sony has been at the front edge of imaging solutions for mobile devices and their new entry will bring us much closer to being able to take photos on our phones and actually be happy with them.

The new sensor is a 21 megapixel stacked sensor that includes high-speed auto-focus utilizing image plan phase detection as well as capture of low-light and high-light situations, it will also allow for 4K video and still image capture.

What does this mean for normal users? We’ll be able to get virtually the same technology behind mirorless DSLR cameras in our smartphones which will make the pictures of our pets, kids and food that much better. As of yet there are no OEM partners announcing incorporation of this new sensor, but its a pretty safe assumption that Sony will begin incorporating this into it’s flagship models by 1st half of 2015.

HDR imaging sample (right) with the IMX230 type 1/2.4 21 effective megapixels*2 stacked CMOS image sensor




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