Mario Kart 8 just got some brand new DLC that makes the game almost brand new again. Haven’t picked it up in a few months? For $11.99 you can snag 6 new characters and 16 new playable tracks – that’s almost half the game you had already bought. Half of the tracks and characters are available now, and the other half will be coming soon (May 2015). Smart staggering, so it keep players interested. I dig it. The packs also include some customization to the colors of your Yoshi’s or Shy Guy’s, and a few new vehicles to choose from.

One of the more notable characters that you get to play right now is our favorite green-clad hero, Link, who looks hilarious when you put him in a cart that he is clearly too large for. Nice touch with the awkwardly bent legs, Nintendo. Some other fun traits they’ve included for Link? He throws a temper tantrum when he gets hit – similar to one that I might throw in real life for the same reason, and when you jump off of a ramp, he jumps out of his car and does his signature sword spins. If you’re lucky you’ll get flashed a Triforce every now and then. Link comes complete with a motor bike and parachute to match.


Track wise, all of the new tracks (or re-purposed old tracks) were great additions to the game. The LoZ one in particular (Hyrule Circuit) was strewn with Rupees instead of Mario coins, and came loaded with some of those classic Zelda box-opening or secret-finding noises. Similarly, there’s a Captain Falcon/F-Zero track with lots and lots of speed boosts throughout.

I’m already looking forward to practicing more so I can not be in 9th place when the next round of DLC comes out, including some of the Animal Crossing characters. This will probably give a nice boost to online racing as well, so if you’re looking for a real challenge take it up with the internet.

Let us know what you think of the DLC in the comments.
Toad rules, Rhi out.

(image credits to Nintendo & Gamezone)