Scene: Coming home from a long day at work to excitement in your mailbox. A new LootCrate has arrived. This month’s theme was Battle, and you know from the promo material that you’re already partial to the MegaMan side of things. You see the attention notice on the side of the box.


What’s this? Another cleverly designed box? Let’s look inside.


Take a moment to bask in the perfectly stuffed box – something that #thingsorganizedneatly might appreciate.

What came in the box?

  • Pirates vs. Ninjas typographic shirt (I’m team pirate all the way.)
  • MegaMan Helmet collectible
  • Street Fighter headband
  • Assassin’s Creed coin collectible
  • Halo figurine & ship

Let’s take a minute to focus in on how flamboyant I was able to make this little halo figure.


Oh haaaay

So satisfying. But what’s not satisfying? Not getting the blue MegaMan helmet.


Not even red? Come on. Grey? Buh. Okay. Let’s not forget though, the box said it was designed differently than other boxes. So I decided to open it up and see what it was all about.

image1-1 image2-1

How cool is that?! I added some mood lighting in there for you. While I won’t really play with it, it’s certainly entertaining and adorable, and very well designed I might add. Cut up a few pieces, fold down and out another few, and you have yourself a little battle scene. I like the fact that they added the billboard – it adds to the whole scene because it’s not just a box anymore. Kinda reminds me of Hey Arnold in a weird way.

This month’s box was neat, but not really up my alley (wow – visual pun not intended, but I’m keeping this anyway). I like the AC Coin, but not sure what I’m going to do with it.  The shirt is a little beyond me and it’s because I’m a designer – I think that when the type forms a specific character, like Link or Mario, there are recognizable traits and you can easily separate the type and the image the type makes. Since the pirate/ninja is sort of cut in half, it’s more difficult to decipher what is where and what it’s forming. At least the shirt is really nice quality though, I’ll probably wear it anyway. But come on. Why not the blue MegaMan helmet?

Anyway. Based on the design of the box alone, I’ll give the box overall 3 stars. Looking forward to next month!