It’s the day Android fans have been waiting for since the Summer, the official roll-out of Android 5.0 Lollipop to Nexus devices has finally arrived. This isn’t a tipster special folks this is confirmed directly by the great Google themselves that the rollout is commencing.

There was news late last week that LG and Motorola were planning on rolling out updates to their devices (the LG G3, and the Moto X & G) this week, so speculation ran rampant that Google would have to push the update out to Nexus devices or else reap the wrath of angry fan boys. Well Google has obliged and Nexus devices are still technically getting the update before OEM partners, even if it’s just a few minutes ahead.

As per standard release, Google has posted the official files for the 5.0 release for multiple device variants so if you’ve got a Nexus device and don’t want to wait for the staggered OTA roll-out feel free to side-load.