One of the best things about high-powered mobile devices is the ability to play games on the go (or while seated) and to be honest there are few things more fun in gaming that killing zombies. Well luckily the team from Madfinger Games has been hard at work following up on the original Dead Trigger, with Dead Trigger 2 which launches today, in free-to-play format for both iOS and Android devices, as well as on Steam, Mac and Facebook.

If you’ve played the original (and you’re reading this so you must have) you know that the game had amazing graphics, gameplay and addiction qualities, but it’s a bit older now and our devices are better and we want more! So that’s exactly what Madfinger did, they took the good things of the first Dead Trigger, dropped the bad and turned everything up to 11. The graphics in the second game of the series are amazing, everything feels much more fluid and easier to control. The gameplay has gotten better and added a few things to make it easier to jump right in and play.

We’ll be providing a full review of the game shortly but wanted to make sure that everyone was reminded of the launch and hit up their respective marketplaces in order to get to downloading.


Madfinger Games