I know that it’s not really expected to be talking about anything other than Apple and the iPhone today but I figured I’d step out of the mold and share the official gameplay trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts. I know not everyone is thrilled with Apple and some people want more gaming info, so here you go!.

Being the first trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts there are a lot of interesting things in here that start to set up the story of the game. Activision and Infinity Ward have really made the single-player story a big part of Call of Duty and this newest game looks to continue that trend. I think it’s great to actually get players emotionally invested in the game, the characters and the story. One thing is very apparent with the Call of Duty franchise starting with MW2, they really are preparing us for a massive attack on American soil. It’s amazing and I get it, we’re probably primed for a global war that actually ends up on our soil, but boy oh boy, do they have to keep making sure we know it’s coming?

Anyway, trailer time!

Ok now we’ve watched it, what do you think?

– First off, what the heck are they doing in space and do I get to play there?

– Second enemies from South of the Equator?

– Third, what the heck is a dog doing attacking a helicopter pilot?