If you grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s and had a Sega Genesis then one of the games you should have loved playing was General Chaos. It was a pioneer in squad based action, not to mention completely hilarious and led to hours of arguments with friends. Well, luckily for us, the original developers of the game want to bring back the glory and have gone to Kickstarter to help fund the development of General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos.

I’m a fan of “classic” games, I grew up in the early days of computer and console gaming when developers and designers where trying to make gaming the recognized art form they are today. I played everything from Gem Stone Warrior to Shadow Run and continue playing games today. One game that I have more good memories than anything about is General Chaos, I spent hours playing it with friends, yelling and fighting. I’ve been looking for a true successor for years, and the closest that has come along was The Outfit on Xbox 360, but that faded in popularity really quickly.

Now that brains behind the original General Chaos are back at it I have high hopes for what they will be bringing back to us. If you look over the Kickstarter page, you’ll get a history about the game and the developers, but you’ll also get to see what they’re working on. There is concept art and details about their plans for development, and also this wonderful fun video which gives us a glimpse at how the game is progressing.

So now is the most important part, can you imagine a new version of General Chaos, on tablets (Android please-please-please) and consoles? I mean seriously playing General Chaos over Xbox Live would just be out of this world! So stop reading and get on over to Kickstarter and get your wallets out to help support these guys make a great game for us!


Fudzilla, Kickstarter