We all know when the Playstation 4 is launching, Sony made sure of that at Gamescom this year, but Microsoft has been very hush-hush on the release date of its upcoming Xbox One. Fortunately nothing can hide from the internet and thanks to a leak we now have a potential launch date for the Xbox One.

According to Kotaku and Pocket-Lint, the target release date for the Xbox One is November 8th, which would give it a one week head-start over the Playstation 4 November 15th launch date in the U.S. This leak comes from a marketing firm handling the signage and product placement within Walmart, who passed along an email listing all of the midnight openings the chain has planned. Obviously this is a leak and not an official announcement and could be a totally bogus date, but it would not be surprising to see Microsoft push the Xbox One release out ahead of the Playstation 4 in order to get some traction and potentially good press, considering all the problems they’ve run into so far.

We’ve heard rumors of potential manufacturing delays which may affect the launch of the Xbox One but again none of those have been confirmed, although Microsoft pre-emptively delayed the launch of the Xbox One in 8 different countries. So for now circle November 8th on your calendar (in pencil) if you live in the U.S. because you may need to take the 9th off to enjoy your new Xbox One.



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