Well today is the big day for Infinity Ward, the reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts – Multiplayer. Players are hungry for the new game and want a lot of new features, so lets see what Infinity Ward has in store for us shall we?

Whether you’re a fan of Call of Duty or not it is hard to dispute the fact that it is one of the largest franchises in the world. It has defined shooters and set the bar for multiplayer gaming for two console generations at this point and they’re looking to extend that into the third generation starting with Call of Duty Ghosts. Today Infinity Ward and Xbox teamed up to show off some of the new features in multiplayer Call of Duty Ghosts. Some of it is familiar and just improved and some of it will certainly breathe new life into a game and franchise that has spent more time in most people’s consoles than they’ll ever admit publicly.

With that said I’m excited about what Infinity Ward has cooked up and can’t wait to get my hands on this latest edition of Call of Duty.

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New Features

Player Customization:

For the first time ever you can customize your in game character, including load-outs, camo, body types, equipment, gender and more



For the first time ever you can build customized squads of 10 unique soldiers, all with custom appearances weapons, perks, load outs etc. Each soldier earns XP and Prestige independently.



Over 30 new weapons

New weapon class type – falls between assault and sniper class

Completely new load out system expanded off the Black Ops 2 10 point system

Strike Packages are back, so your squad can focus on different types of classes to help you accomplish game objectives

Create up to 10 Soldiers with individual prestige and progression levels


New Game Modes:


A new play mode pitting player customized squads against each other, groups, or AI. Players can use their entire squad in one on one matches or can substitute AI controlled squad-mates for real players.


A unique twist on standard death match, as users get kills they earn perk unlocks and additional character speed. With each kill you get a 30 second counter to get your next kill, if you don’t get a kill within 30 seconds, you explode.


Dynamic Map Events:

In game events now can have an effect on the maps, destroying walls or placements can change the entire playing field, along with the ability to call-in a map-changing kill streak.

** I’m still hunting down more information on this feature to determine if only certain scripted elements are destructible or if more similarly to Battlefield the majority of elements can be interacted with.


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