A lot of news has swirled around recently about an unannounced Verizon Edge program that is positioned to compete directly with T-Mobiles Jump, but that may just be a re-branding because Verizon already offers customers the ability to purchase devices on a payment plan whenever they want! Of course no one really knows about this plan but it’s available right now and users don’t need to change their plan or options in order to take advantage of it!


Like T-Mobile Verizon charges for this device payment plan option, but their monthly fee is $2.00 instead of $10.00 granted T-Mobile includes a device protection plan within that price, but some people out there don’t believe in device protection plans. Verizons plan is also a bit different in that you pay 12 equal monthly installments for the device that you purchase (minimum $349.99 retail value) and once those payments are complete you own the device outright. If you pay off the device faster, then you can purchase a new device under the same plan. Verizon allows users to purchase up to two (2) devices on the Device Payment Program at a time, and as soon as one device is paid off you can purchase another one.

It’s a pretty simple plan, and in the end you own the device and can sell it off to recoup some of your expenses, if you want to purchase a new device. Unfortunately for Verizon, they haven’t done a great job of publicising this program, but that might be the purpose of the rumored Edge program. We shall see.