Sony took the stage Monday night at E3 and wasted no time going right at Microsoft while they were down. Not only did Sony have the benefit of going second so they could pepper in any responses to their presentation they also learned Microsofts price point for the Xbox One. Sony announce that the Playstation 4 would retail for $399, which is $100 less than the Xbox One announced earlier that same day.

Sony didn’t only beat Microsoft on the price point, they really took the gloves off and went right at the biggest question marks and concerns that people have with the Xbox One. Sony grandly declared that the Playstation 4 will be DRM free, it will support and welcome used games, it will not require any internet connection at all to play games. These were big points for Sony and even bigger points for the audience, which audibly approved of Sony’s approach to DRM.

Sony is so high on this differentiating factor that they even took the time to put together an instructional video for how used games should work on consoles.

All in all Sony did a great job introducing their new console and counter attacking Microsoft at every turn. The new Playstation 4 is available for preorder through all the usual outlets.


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