This summer, orcs and cyborgs will be your greatest nemesis as the tactical strategy role-playing game (RPG) Shadowrun Returns will invade the gaming universe this June. The good news is, not only is it available on Windows and Linux PCs, but it will also be accessible on the iOS and Android tablets as well.


Is that really much of good news? Sure, the game’s availability on Windows and Linux can be a sure hit because RPG games are really more fun to be played on the PC. But role-playing games on tablets? To tell you the truth, the odds of this game faring well in the tablet industry is not really much. In a trend report from Newzoo, mobile players spend the most of their time playing social and casual games. This involves solving puzzles, connecting dots and colors or identifying logos. However, we’re talking about Shadowrun here – an award-winning game that spawned board-games, dozens of novels, and even an FPS for Xbox. This is not just your cheap game; it’s an epic RPG that created the perfect world where man, magician, machine and monsters thrive.

Here’s my take on why orcs and robots will rule the tablet gaming:

Strong Kickstarter backing

Shadowrun Returns was developed by Harebrained Schemes and created by Jordan Weislman. Like most games produced independently, it started out as a campaign in Kickstarter last April 2012.

Originally, the company’s aim was to raise only $400,000. However, they managed to obtain $1, 836,447 from more than 36,000 backers.

So you see, even though the game was pretty much old, there are still fans patiently for the return of this game.

Easy breezy gaming with tablets now available

As you make your way through this game, you should expect challenging quests and ultra-tough monsters to beat. Since this is a tactical RPG, gamers who usually play puzzle games on their tablets may find the game too complex to play. Unlike the usual colorful tablet games, the Shadowrun requires different factors to bear in mind. This includes thinking about character stats, their interactions with NPCs and how will it affect the entire game, and of course, surviving a horde of monsters and killing machines.  Sounds pretty complex, right? But come on, we’re not really living in the medieval ages so you don’t really have to make your gaming life so hard anymore. When you’re in a pinch, iPhone 5 on O2 provide you 3G/4G connection for a quick search on gaming forums.

Plus, with a reliable internet plan, you can easily share blow-by-blow accounts of your every gaming achievement online. Whether it be acquiring a rare item or clearing your way through a boss battle, you can now share all of these on your social media sites with just a few taps from your device.

Create your own dystopian world

The developers of Shadowrun Returns really know how to keep up with the times. In this era where sharing something on the internet is a common activity, you can now edit your own levels in Shadowrun and upload them for your friends to play on. The developers of the game are quite generous to actually give other users access to become a level editor, which allows you  to create your own virtual world to play and enjoy in. Are you as excited as I am to try the Shadowrun Returns for iPad? Share your thoughts with us.


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