Activision Blizzards staple franchise Diablo, is making its much-anticipated return to consoles on September 3rd. Activision has announced that the console specific version will be available for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, which means gamers who shy away from PC play can now explore the amazing world of Diablo.

For those concerned among us, this is not a straight port of the game from PC to console. The game content will stay completely intact and the story will not be changed but the game play has been re-envisioned for the console. According to Blizzard they have custom-tailored controls to be gamepad-driven and added dynamic camera perspective to put the hero front and center. They have also updated the user interface to make everything intuitive.


I’m hoping that this version comes out a lot better than the original Diablo did on Playstation. I’ve been a big fan of the franchise since its initial PC launch and playing with your friends conquering the armies of hell from your couch is a hard opportunity to pass up, as long as they execute it right, I’ll be there!

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