And the rumors are flying fast and furious with just a few hours to go before Google I/O officially takes off today at 9 A.M. PDT the newest of which is the potential announcement of a Samsung Galaxy S4 ‘Google Edition’. With news that Google will be less focused on hardware this year and more focused on software and features it is possible that other partners might come forward to take the spotlight on hardware.

We already know that NVIDIA will have a strong presence at Google I/O this year and that they’ll be showing of their hardware capabilities so it is very possible that Samsung might be staking a claim in the hardware department as well.

Obviously we won’t have long to wait to find out if this rumor turns out to be true, but it would be very interesting to see Samsung bring its newest flagship phone into a pure ‘Google Experience.’ A lot of Android users (myself included) prefer the stock Android operating system over the skinned versions that most hardware partners have been going with. As much as I would like to see hardware developers provide users with the option of stock versus skinned experiences I find it hard to believe that the “differentiating” factor that most OEMs have been holding on to would be so easily cast aside. Most hardware makers have come out and said that they are not focused on the “spec race” any more and are now focusing more on the experience of their users and providing them with a reason to pick their phone over others. If you take away the custom skin, then it goes back to just being the best specs win and that never lasts long.

We’ll find out soon enough if this actually comes to fruition but what do you think would you be interested in a ‘Google Edition’ Galaxy S4?

If Samsung Announces a Google Edition S4 Would You Buy It?

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