As Googles Developer conference approaches rumors about what might appear have spread like wild-fire, but one thing for sure is that NVIDIA is going to have a strong presence. The recently announced SHIELD will be making an appearance at I/O and NVIDIA will be talking about all the great things that Tegra 4 can do for Android.

NVIDIA has been pushing the gaming capabilities of Android since their initial Tegra processors, with their Tegra 4 processor they’re pushing mobile gaming closer to console level capabilities. SHIELD is their answer to gamers desire to have high quality games in the palms of their hands, literally.

Not only will NVIDIA be showcasing the SHIELD platform at I/O but they’ll be providing demos of Web RTC, which allows for high-definition audio and video streaming in browser without the need for any plugins or 3rd party applications. Web RTC is something that Google has been pushing for a while now and it will finally be coming to fruition and use within Android and portable gaming.

In addition, NVIDIA’s Richard Seis, who knows just about everything worth knowing about game development,  will be featured alongside Google’s own experts as part of the event’s “Office Hours” program, with a 30-minute talk on how to support game controllers.

With this strong presence of NVIDIA at Google I/O one can certainly jump to the conclusion that Google will be putting a strong emphasis on Gaming in Android moving forward and potentially they will introduce the rumored Google Play Games.