Another great announcement from Google I/O today is the launch of Hangouts, Googles unified chat/ messaging platform that works across Android, Chrome, and iOS. It brings all of the great features previously only available in Google+ Hangouts to the masses in a play to take over the messaging game.

The app announced at Google I/O has already rolled out across Android, Chrome, and iOS so you can easily download and install it now to give it a try. It brings together a streamlined messaging system that google should have implemented a long time ago. It supports long form conversation, in-line history, photo capture that creates share-able albums and supports video calls and group video calls no matter what device users are on.

The one glaring feature that is missing here is SMS support, if Google had integrated SMS into Hangouts it would have been a “killer” app. Hopefully moving forward this feature will be added, because I’m sure the cross carrier issues are a nightmare but hopefully they can figure it out!


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