There has been a lot of discussion regarding Verizons lack of updates to their version of the Galaxy Nexus, so much so in fact that most have determined it is not a “true” Nexus device. Verizon has been so far behind updates that other versions of the Galaxy Nexus have been a full four (4) updates ahead of it, but starting today that is changing.

Verizon has confirmed that starting today March 19th there will be a phased roll out to all Galaxy Nexus phones on their network. This will bring the last of the Nexus’ in line with Googles most up to date software version. The 4.2.2 update includes all the bells and whistles that fans have been clamoring for, including Photosphere, Gesture Keyboard and lock-screen widgets. Obviously most Nexus users have had the ability to Root and Flash their devices with what ever custom ROMs they have wanted for a long time now, but it’s nice to see that Verizon is finally pushing the newest version of Android to the rest of the masses.

Knowing this is a phased roll-out means that it could take up to a week to hit all devices, and it’s all done by device ID so be patient if you don’t have an update on your device in the next few hours.

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