Ever since  iPhone was released, it was perceived by the smartphone market as a revolutionary phone that was better than anything on the market. The first iPhone was not that great in terms of camera or GPS, but sparked when it came to display, multi-touch and apps.

Few years have passed, and Apple is still the leader of high-end smartphone developers. Their latest smartphone, the iPhone 5, has every feature you can think of incorporated, a slim design and a large (very large) number of apps to install. If you’re into business, you will find at least 10 apps that will boost your business ventures to the next level (at least in terms of accessibility).

Scanning documents app

Scanning the documents has never been this easy. With apps like Turboscan or Scanner Pro, you can transform your iPhone 4, 4S or 5 into a very powerful scanner. Just take a picture, and the app will crop the image down to the paper’s active area.

Editing and viewing documents

In business, we work a lot with documents written in Microsoft Word. But what happens if you’re on the go and you need to view or edit a document from your mail? You will definitely find few Office apps that will help you do that. The most popular is Smart Office 2, but you can also opt for Documents Free or Quick Office Pro.

Remote Control app

Sometimes, you are away from your office computer but you need to export a file, access a special program or manage some files. All this is possible thanks to remote controller apps like Splashtop or Team Viewer.

Translate app

If you are in a business meeting with foreign partners, you can find yourself in big trouble, especial if one of the sides does not master the common language (English). A translate app will definitely be handy in this scenario. You can try SayHi Translate or Google’s translator.

Budget control

Being a business person means you will work with various budgets and you need to manage large amounts of money. My Wallet+ does exactly that, and it can become more than an app, it can become your own advisor by underlining the negative cash flows.

Print documents

As I said, business is all about documents, and this means you need to edit them, but you also need to print them. What happens if you have a documents on the smartphone and you don’t have the possibility to transfer them to a computer in order to get them printed? Well, apps like Printer Pro will save the day, because it allows you to print the document directly from your smartphone.

Fashion Apps

Although functionality is important, being a business man or woman means you need to be fashionable and always ready to impress. Don’t forget that your look represents everything about you, your work included. Apps like Cool Guy or Facehunter will definitely help.

Source: coredore