T-Mobile has been lagging behind the other major carriers in the radio department, but it looks like their getting ready to jump into the LTE pool with both feet. They’ve started teasing and announcing their plans to upgrade their network to 4G LTE starting with covering 200 Million subscribers by the end of 2013.

T-mobile has been going toe-to-toe with Sprint for the 3rd rung in mobile carriers in the US for quite some time, and they’re trying to take over that spot and maybe climb up the ladder a little farther. T-Mobile has been known for a while for their competitive pricing plans, which has been a big draw for consumers, the down side as far as some people have been concerned has been their coverage footprint. They’ve been making changes and increasing their footprint but even with that, their network technology has been 3G. To be fair their 3G is HSPA+ which at this point has been competitive bandwidth and speed wise with 4G LTE.

Their plans to cover 200 Million subscribers by the end of 2013 is a very aggressive plan, but no more aggressive than what Verizon had planned for 2012, and Verizon was able to meet and even exceed their original goals. T-Mobile has been building out their infrastructure in order to support this transition and they’ve already begun deploying and testing in markets so we know that their back-end should handle the switch over fine.

These network expansions and change overs should help people get over the concern about T-Mobiles coverage problems, especially considering their pricing plans and unlimited data packages. I know that this has me thinking about making the switch, anyone else out there thinking about jumping from their current carrier to T-Mobile ?