By now you know all about the MOGA by PowerA, and you know that Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour has launched. To celebrate Gameloft and PowerA have teamed up with a great promotion for Android users, they’re giving away controllers and download codes for the game for free!

PowerA and its MOGA controller are bringing Android gamers closer than ever before to console quality excitement on a mobile platform. They’ve teamed up with high-end developers to make games specifically tailored to the controller so it doesn’t feel out-of-place or squished together. These games are optimized specifically for the MOGA controller to really get you immersed in the game.

Gameloft is one of the developers working closely with PowerA and they’ve tailored their most recent shooter Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour to work seamlessly with the MOGA which means you’re playing a realistic shooter the way it was meant to be played instead of using onscreen controls and missing out on all the action.

PowerA has teamed up with Gameloft and are offering an amazing deal for TODAY only. Order the MOGA controller from PowerA and get a copy of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for free! They’re even making the offer better than that, if you get on their site now you can get the MOGA controller for free to and all you’ll have to do is pay for shipping!

Ok I’m done talking, here’s the link


PowerA has temporarily taken their website down because they’ve been getting hammered because of this deal. It’s a great deal and they’re going to honor it, they just have to adjust some server and load issues. Hopefully this isn’t turning anyone off because it’s a great company and product. We’ll let you know once it’s back up!