Well would you look at that, Microsoft apparently has decided to listen to everyone in the blogosphere and increase the availability of the Surface RT in retail locations outside of the 30 (ish) Microsoft Retail stores.

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet has been something of a mythical unicorn since its introduction, people know about it, people ask about it, but virtually no one has ever seen one in person. This has been one of the major flaws in Microsofts launch strategy for their entry into the tablet market (we’re not going in to all of the flaws here). Consumers have only been able to purchase the Surface online through Microsofts website, or through Microsoft Stores which have a very limited footprint through out the globe even with their temporary “holiday” kiosks.

Finally Microsoft is loosening the rope a little bit and will begin selling the Surface RT through additional retailers starting in mid-December. They have also announced that they will be transitioning some of their “holiday” kiosks into permanent stores, which can only help as Microsoft continues to develop and sell its own hardware.

We’ve yet to have a hands on with the Surface RT but after reading everything we can find on the device it is definitely a try before-you-buy, type of thing so expanding the availability to do this is huge for Microsoft especially if they want to change the opinions of potential consumers.

There is no official word yet on who will be carrying the Surface RT, but our guess is that you’ll be able to find them at BestBuy and perhaps a few other retailers in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping that Microsoft gets with the program here because everyone loves a good unicorn story and an underdog story, this could turn out to be both.