News about Microsofts upcoming plans to increase availability of the Surface RT table broke yesterday, but there was no hard date or retailer listings given, luckily that changed quickly. We now know that both BestBuy (as we expected) and Staples will be carrying the Surface RT tablets, which might help with the sluggish sales of Microsofts first tablet.

The Surface RT will cost the same through these national retailers as it does through the Microsoft website or Microsoft stores the only difference is, you are actually going to be able to find them now. Currently BestBuy’s website has the Surface RT listed as “Coming Soon” but Staples has them in-stock online and in-store  Unfortunately when we used the store locator to determine if we could actually go check one out at any local Staples, they don’t have any in stock, but I’m sure that’s going to change quickly.

We should start seeing these Tablets pop up in stores by the weekend for a good holiday push.

So are you thinking about getting one?