It has been almost two weeks since the launch of Windows 8 and Microsofts new Surface tablet and with it their SmartGlass App. The app launched on Windows 8 devices as well as Android but left iOS users out in the dark until now. Microsofts new Smartglass App has just launched in the App store today.

The app allows you to link your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to your Xbox360 and use it as a second screen to interact with. Right now the functionality is limited, it allows you to control your Xbox via the device, and use it as a keyboard when needed. Unfortunately there are not many games or apps that take advantage of this second screen capability but Microsoft has said that moving forward all first party games will utilize SmartGlass to enhance the game experience.

We can rattle off a million games that we wish SmartGlass worked with, specifically starting with Borderlands 2, how useful would a second screen map and inventory be? I mean seriously come on Gearbox, make that happen so we can know we are we’re going in real-time without having to jump to the map in the game !!

Ok go download it now!