Leaked earlier this week and then subsequently confirmed by Gearbox all you Vault hunters out there have even more reason to rejoice. Borderlands is coming to the iPhone and iPad on October 31st (guess Gearbox hates Android).

Yes because some of us can’t get enough time in on Pandora Gearbox has decided that we need to be able to play Borderlands on the go, so they’re introducing Borderlands Legends to iOS devices. Legends isn’t a port of the original or sequel but a separate game experience similar to how Mass Effect release “Infiltrator” for mobile platforms.

In Legends you can play as Brick, Lilith, Mordecai or Roland and play a completely new story and game. Unfortunately for some this is not a 1st Person game, it’s a top-down game which is a risk for a game that has strong roots in the FPS realm. The game also allows you to control all 4 Vault hunters at the same time instead of playing as one character through the game, which means you’re upgrading multiple characters and using their abilities in concert instead of going at it alone. This could make for a great addition to the game, or could come off as an odd knock off of Gauntlet but we’ll have to wait and see once we get our hands on it.

You’ll encounter your standard battery of baddies, from Skags and Spider Ants, to Bandits and Crimson Lance soldiers. You progress your character similarly to the console version of the games but with slightly different skill trees. There are buns, lots of guns which is also a signature of the series along with the bountiful amount of Loot.

We’re looking forward to seeing how this plays out because we’re big fans of the Borderlands games but the lack of Android support and the shift away from FPS to a top-down shooter may turn away a lot of potential gamers.