I’m that last one to give Apple any props but when the iPhone 5 came out being a hardcore android user I had little interest. One of the accessories that caught my attention was the new Apple Ear Pods. Being an IPod owner I was curious if they we worth Apple giving them their own commercial. To my surprise I was very impressed by not only the quality of sound but the comfort and best of all is the low price.

      If you’re like 90% of Americans one time or another you owned a IPod or iPhone and noticed they came with the stock ear phones. If you’ve owned any Apple products in your lifetime we have all come to the realization that Apple products just works so much better when paired with other Apple brand products. People like me who want the full musical experience and will only settle with great bass and dynamic range where stuck with the only other apple option, the Apple ear buds. The ear buds sat in the ear and used a rubber tip that not only pushed the sound deeper down your ear canal, which delivers better bass and clear tones, but they acted as a slight noise cancellation blocking some of the outside. The idea of in-ear buds has swept the headphone market because it produces better tone and volume with a smaller speaker. After owning the Apple ear buds I found that one of the most common problems found was that until you wear them for a bit they often cause pain and headaches from the pressure on the ear. The new ear pods corrected this issue by removing the rubber tip and opting for a plastic cone shape that goes half the distance in the ear. This still creates a comparable bass and slight noise reduction but allows more air in the canal which offers brighter sounds and better comfort.

One of the things I noticed is if your using it on a device that doesn’t have a higher output you will a decrease in volume and brightness. It sounds amazing with my 6th gen Ipod nano and my computer but falls short when I use it with my Sony PSP, despite the fact that my Sony Earbuds have a lower decibel level but and sound louder. If you’re a regular earbud user you may also find that they feel a little loose in ear. I often found myself readjusting them because they just felt off. Despite these issues I was not disappointed by the sound quality and was enjoying not having headphones shoved deep in my ears.

Apple in-ear buds still sell for $80 but the new ear pods will only set you back $30. I thought they would disappoint as a low level option for those who just wanted stock headphone but I was very wrong. These headphones where a great buy. If you want great headphones and want to stay with the Apple brand and look I would highly recommend you check out the new Ear Pods at your local Apple Store.