Ah Borderlands 2, how we love you, and social life ending ways. For all the fans of Borderlands 2 who’ve been waiting for October 16th to roll around so they can play as the Mecromancer Gaige, well you’re in for a treat. Gearbox has released the first in-game screen shots of Gaige, along with activating a twitter account for her.

At this point details are still slim on Gaige and her accomplice Deathtrap (not to be confused with Claptrap) but as we get closer to the launch of the 5th playable character Gearbox is starting to let more information come out. We’ve got our first screenshot of the two in-game, and a rather entertaining twitter feed with her musings. At the moment there are only 16 tweets from Gaige but it appears as though she’ll be sharing more information about her abilities and skills along with some rather fun banter.

Make sure to follow her on Twitter @GBXMechromancer for all of the first hand details, and we’ll keep you posted as we get more information!