Just a quick reminder to the Apple fans among us that Apple has their “A Little More To Show You” event today at 10AM PST. This event is speculated to have the introduction of the rumored iPad Mini, along with potentially the 13″ Macbook Pro.

Regardless on your stance with Apple and their products, they are an industry leader, and if they do in fact introduce a 7″ tablet today it means that even they can not ignore the market that has been created by the likes of the Kindle Fire, Nook and most recently Nexus  7 tablets. If Apple comes on board with the 7″ onslaught it means that even though some tablet users want a larger display area for viewing, there is a very large market that will sacrifice that screen size for portability.

It will be interesting to see if Apple sneaks in any additional products or software features today, so check back and we’ll keep you updated.