It’s no surprise at this point that there is an LG Nexus branded device out in the wild, it’s also no surprise that on Monday (10/29) Google will most likely be introducing this device. We’ve seen all manner of leaks regarding this device and today is no different, this time it’s what is supposedly press renders of the upcoming LG Nexus 4.

There isn’t all that much left up to the imagination when it comes to this device, we’ve seen blurry cam photos, we’ve seen tear downs, we’ve seen all sorts of spec leaks, and now we have what very well could be the official press shots for the device. It is worth noting that the “with Google” is gone from the back of the device which now clearly sports the large Nexus brand mark. We can clearly see the LG “crystal reflection process” that has taken over the back of the device.

Lastly on the front of the device we have what appears to be an updated notifications bar, which may be one of the updates that we see in the newest version of Android (4.2) that may be introduced next week.

We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out regarding the next Nexus in the family.


@evleaks , Androidcentral