Who can ever get enough zombie killing? Well one of (if not the best) zombie slaughter fest games on Android has an interesting update in the spirit of Halloween for all the gamers out there!

The Halloween update for DEAD TRIGGER that is available now in the Google Play Store with a lot of new features that should breath some additional life into killing the undead.

“The most visually stunning update for DEAD TRIGGER is here!”

HALLOWEEN has arrived in The City!

* Visit new arena: HAUNTED GRAVEYARD. It’s the scariest place in the City!

* Enjoy a new weapon! The CROSSBOW is equipped with blazing ballistics!

* You’ll now be able to slaughter crowds of HALLOWEEN “PUMPKIN-HEAD” ZOMBIES

* Don’t forget to get the favorite MINIGUN – provided at a reduced price!

* BLAST the pumpkin heads and watch them roll around based on realistic physics!

* Check the new cool games in Bank: MORE APPS

* AlienGun EFFECT optimization for slower devices

* Many bug FIXES

Not convinced? Watch the trailer now!