For those of us who know how addictive a good MMO can be have a new drug on the market. Star Wars the Old Republic was a great Massive Multiplayer Online that carried a $60 price tag for the game and a monthly subscription of $15 a month. It happens that most of the best MMO’s carry a price tag, look at EVE. Not wanting to add a new monthly bill to my life I personally never got around to playing it, but thanks to the gaming gods, come November the game will be free semi to play. Allowing people to play the game for free and pay fee for premium content and gear.

If you never played Knights of the Old Republic back in the day you will enjoy this almost Guild Wars Like gameplay. With the story line taking place well before the main movie story line of Star Wars. The Republic and the Sith Empire are at a shallow peace as you navigate your way through the galaxy uncovering plots, spies, and secrets that can plunge both back into war. Playing more like an action RPG you don’t spend allot of time blocking and dodging attacks, you spend time leveling up your character and getting new gear as you work your way through the massively immersive story line. With up to 7 classes on both the Republic and Empire side it has tons of content and story tailored for each class to work through.
When I say massive what I really mean is MASSIVE. The number of missions is just crazy! What makes it even more amazing is the fact that very few missions are just random go kill a monster or collect a item missions. Tons of the side quests have interesting stories that carry human interest and moral choices. Many of the quests also have ties and unlock as you make your way through the main story for your character class. I’m recently started playing the game as a Sith Warrior class and after you leave the academy/training missions you go to another planet to run some missions. I spent almost a week in just side quests before I actually did the main mission. The side quest where so interesting I almost forgot about the main quest.
The level of difficulty becomes very apparent as you get close to level 20. With enemies of the same levels start becoming harder because they hold classes like Elite and Boss classes. You can run the majority of the game solo if you do allot of grinding and carry the right gear but some of the side quest are so hard that you almost have to run them with other people and even that doesn’t guarantee you won’t get killed. With such an immersive story line it can be hard to find people to party with but its not impossible when running the hardest missions.
You can try the game with a untimed trial until November, you can level up to level 15 then you stop leveling, despite the fee after trying the game I was more than happy to pay the $15 fee to keep my character leveling and the massive story going. Lucas arts and Bioware have done a great job and Star Wars the Old Republic is well worth any cost.