Motorola just keeps chugging along without even batting an eye at the introduction of the iPhone 5, Motorola has followed up the U.S. introduction of the DROID RAZR M, with the European RAZR i which is sporting an inten Medfield Processor.

The RAZR i follows the styling of the DROID RAZR M with the 4.3″ “edge-to-edge” AMOLED display. It also comes with Android 4.0 and an 8-megapixel camera, Corning Gorilla Glass, and Kevlar backing. The biggest difference for the international version over the us version is the Intel Medfield chipset running at 2GHz. This is a big time play for Intel and a very high-profile device to feature their chipset in instead of competitor brand chips like Qualcomm or NVIDIA. Motorola did not reveal pricing information or specific launch timing for the RAZR i, but the RAZR M is priced at $99 on a new two-year contract and is already available in the U.S. Motorola did announce that it will be available in “select European and Latin American markets including the U.K., France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico” beginning in October, although no U.S. launch details were revealed.

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