Great catch by the gang over at Droid-Live this AM, apparently Verizon is sneaking out the JellyBean 4.1 update to some lucky Verizon Galaxy Nexus users!

At this point the results are mixed some folks are getting the update notification directly from VZW without any trickery. Other folks are trying the manual kick-start method and getting the notification. Then there are the people like me, who aren’t getting anything no matter what we do.

Also we should note that folks are reporting that the download is only available over WiFi until October 1st, which could go along with the expected influx of iPhone LTE devices being activated over the next week and Verizon not wanting to bog down LTE connectivity.

If you’re waiting for the update give the below a shot and let us know if it fires off for you!

1.  From your phone, head into Settings>Apps>All.
2.  Search for  Google Services Framework.
3.  Once found, tap on it and choose “Force stop.”
4.  Then choose “Clear data.”
5.  Back out of Apps to your About page in Settings and check for the System update.


And Verizon has come clean and announced the update.

Official Notice

Support PDF

Thanks Droid-Life