Google Play has been a bit behind the stats of the Apple App Store but has been quietly gaining ground in the war of online marketplaces. Today they’ve announced they’ve crossed the 25 billion app download milestone, which is no small feat.

That 25 billion app number is just that, apps, it does not include books, movies or music so all things considered Google Play is really covering a lot of ground and has a become a very successful marketplace. In order to celebrate this milestone Google is offering a number of apps and games for sale at $0.25 over the next five days. They’re not just offering up cheapo titles either, there are games and apps from Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Runtastic, Rovio, and Full Fat. There are also sales across other categories that Google has put together. There is the collection of “25 movies you must own,” “25 banned books,” and “25 albums that changed the world”. The movies will be $5.00 (to own), the books will be $1.00 a book, and the albums will be $4.oo which are huge discounts.

This is a pretty impressive sale going along with a very impressive announcement considering the Apple App store hit 30 billion downloads in June, which makes it a possibility that Google Play can catch up to the big A by the end of the year in downloads.


Gizmodo, Google Blog